DEI & Accessibility

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Fueling Change from Within

The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) is committed to championing inclusivity, diversity, and equity through our pursuit of a zero-emission future. We are motivated by our mission to improve the health of our climate and communities for all.

CTE aims to prioritize the inclusion of individuals from diverse backgrounds in all our internal and external initiatives. We strive to provide equitable access to opportunities and resources, and to create a workplace that values and supports the contributions of every team member. Through these efforts, we seek to foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion that drives positive change in our organization and the broader community. We understand the importance of putting our values into action and are actively working toward that end.

The DEI Committee’s Mission

CTE’s DEI Committee is composed of 10 members with representation from each of CTE’s offices. The DEI Committee creates opportunities and empowers CTE staff to contribute to DEI activities by encouraging feedback about CTE’s organizational culture, welcoming suggestions for action, and supporting meaningful conversations with colleagues and leadership related to DEI in the workplace.

The DEI Committee works to integrate best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion into CTE’s policies and programs. As a staff, we seek to transform the way we facilitate projects and develop relationships with our clients and one another. Representing the mosaic of perspectives, experiences, and values of CTE staff, the DEI Committee facilitates activities that strengthen workplace culture and inspire meaningful action both internally and externally.


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Climate Justice Drives Our Work

CTE is a national leader in advocating for equitable progress in clean transportation technologies, leveraging its platforms and influence to challenge existing systems of inequality. With transportation contributing to nearly 30% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions, addressing this issue becomes crucial for combating climate change and air pollution. However, the benefits of cleaner air have not been uniformly enjoyed, as climate change and poor air quality disproportionately affect low-income and communities of color. The impact of air pollution on marginalized communities, stemming from a variety of medium- and heavy-duty vehicle emission sources, underscores the urgency of adopting clean transportation solutions and fostering resilience in the face of worsening climate change.

Recognizing that transit accessibility correlates with employment, upward mobility, and social engagement, expanding zero-emission transit options becomes pivotal. Studies show that individuals with transit access work more days annually and have enhanced opportunities for education and public services (Litman, 2020). The consequences of environmental, social, and economic injustices in minority and disadvantaged communities are exacerbated by the escalating impacts of climate change. By prioritizing zero-emission transit options for Black and other minority communities, there is a critical opportunity to build climate resilience, enhance social and economic equity, and contribute to the healing process from a history of pollution-related inequalities imposed on fellow American citizens