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Technology Development

CTE has helped hundreds of US companies move cutting-edge technologies into the global marketplace. We assemble and manage research and demonstration projects to showcase breakthrough zero-emission technologies and the companies developing them.

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Our Approach

CTE’s Technology Development approach brings technology teams together to develop clean vehicle prototypes. We marry these technology teams with fleet operators who are willing to test the vehicles in the markets they are designed to serve.

CTE helps the teams locate funding sources and develop winning proposals, and then provides our unique, unbiased program management services to ensure zero-emission technologies meet the needs of the people we serve.

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“UPS is proud to have a non-profit like CTE seek out and advance complex DOE projects that are improving the environment for the communities in which it serves.”

Ryan Bankerd
Corporate Director of Automotive Sustainability, UPS

Technology Development Services

CTE provides the following services for technology deployment projects:
Identifying Technological Advances:
Conceptualizing Prototypes & Securing Funding
Connecting Industry Partners
Pilot Project Development & Management
Technical Oversight
Educating and Supporting Users
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Technology Development Project Spotlight

Fuel Cell Electric Top Loader

A grant awarded to the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in 2018 has supported the development of a first-of-its kind fuel cell electric top loader — a breakthrough zero-emission solution for port operations.  This innovation offers rapid refueling with hydrogen, taking only 15 minutes to provide 8-10 hours of continuous operation, completely emission-free. The Hyster® top-pick container handler runs on two Nuvera E-45 fuel cell engines and is being demonstrated by Fenix Marine Services at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) in Long Beach, California. Wireless charging for the top loader is provided by WAVE, and mobile hydrogen fueling provided by Air Products. CTE's leadership and a collaborative effort make this technology a potential industry game-changer, aligning with California's ambitious air quality and climate goals.

Beyond the immediate environmental impact, with estimated annual savings of 127 tons of CO2 and 0.357 tons of Criteria Pollution, this project underscores the societal benefits of transitioning to zero-emission equipment. CTE, serving as the project lead, emphasizes the importance of demonstration projects in navigating the challenging transition from early-stage technologies to market-ready solutions. Recognizing the invaluable lessons learned in terms of technology refinement and soft skills associated with market adoption, CTE advocates for public support to drive further advancements, address challenges, and optimize resources for the greater good.

logo collage: CARB, Hyster, Nuvera, and the port of LA
electric top loader being charged by large batteries large top loader machine lifting metal storage container at port