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Electric School Buses

With more than 100 successful deployments under its belt, CTE is the national leader in helping transit and school bus operators successfully deploy zero-emission buses.

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The US school bus fleet contains roughly 480,000 vehicles carrying millions of students each day, yet only 1% of these buses are electric. Replacing all diesel school buses with electric school buses (ESBs) would drastically curb children’s exposure to harmful air pollutants, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and has the potential to substantially reduce operating expenses for school districts.

Fleet electrification is complex and requires proper planning and technical support to ensure success. There are a myriad of decisions to be made around route planning, charging strategy, equipment selection, infrastructure development, resource management, and more.

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Our Services: Smart Deployment

Deployment Planning
Bus, Route, & Fuel Modeling
Bus & Route Modeling
Charging Infrastructure Modeling
Fuel Cost Modeling
Bus & Fueling Specification Advisory
Procurement Support & Technical Evaluation
Performance Validation
Benefits Assessment & Deployment Validation
Project Management & Technical Advisory

Our Services: Transition Planning

Service Assessment
Fuel Assessment
Facility Assessment

Electric School Bus Project Spotlight

Stockton Unified School District Fleet Transition

CTE collaborated with Stockton Unified School District (SUSD), Schneider Electric, Sage Energy Consulting, The Mobility House (TMH), and ViriCiti on the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Clean Mobility in Schools (CMIS) Grant Program. Their joint initiative, titled "Getting Stockton to Zero-Emissions: Clean Air for Our Community," focuses on deploying electric school buses, electric lawn and garden equipment, and related charging infrastructure.

CTE plays a crucial role by providing project management and technical services for SUSD, overseeing vehicle procurement, fleet planning, data collection, and community outreach. They have developed a comprehensive long-term plan for achieving a zero-emission school district and are responsible for reporting requirements to CARB. Additionally, CTE will conduct ongoing performance analysis of the 11 electric school buses, using the data to inform future fleet transition planning, including estimating costs for the shift to a zero-emission fleet. CTE is also actively engaged in outreach efforts, organizing community events, creating educational materials, and collaborating with local partners.

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“CTE was instrumental in the record-setting success of Stockton’s Clean Mobility In Schools (CMIS) Pilot Program. The grant writing, project management, subcontractor coordination, data collection, reporting, and community outreach were exemplary.”

Gilbert Blue Feather Rosas
Stockton Unified School District
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