Smart Deployment

CTE has successfully guided hundreds of fleet operators to deploy zero-emission vehicles. Because electric vehicles aren’t always a 1:1 replacement for their diesel and CNG counterparts, CTE’s established project management approach and proprietary modeling program ensure project success.

Our Approach

CTE’s Smart Deployment Methodology is specifically designed to help fleet owners understand zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) technologies and how to successfully deploy them. Our team of experts has a proven track record of guiding fleets through the entire deployment process, from planning to implementation.

The cornerstone of CTE’s approach is to apply our ZEV engineering tools to match fleet requirements with the right ZEV technologies and operational strategies. CTE equips fleet owners with a robust understanding of the ZEV market and technology options, as well as the impact that these options have on operational strategies and related costs.

blue electric shuttle bus with doors open at ski resort and lots of snow on pine treesred and white electric transit bus parked in front of building with VIA sign
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"CTE has been an important partner as we look to the future of zero-emission BEBs. They have applied our specific regional characteristics like climate, topography, route distance, and passenger loads, to industry cost and performance data to help Spokane Transit Authority (STA) develop an informed fleet electrification plan."

E. Susan Meyer
Spokane Transit Authority (STA)

Smart Deployment Services

CTE provides the following services for deployment projects:
Project Planning
Vehicle, Route, & Fuel Modeling
Bus & Fueling Specification Advisory
Procurement Support & Technical Evaluation
Performance Validation
Benefits Assessment & Deployment Validation
Project Management & Technical Advisory
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Smart Deployment Project Spotlights

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Duluth Transit: Overcoming Challenges of Cold-Weather Bus Deployment

CTE wrote and won a proposal on behalf of the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) to deploy six battery electric buses in one of the coldest climates in the US, where temperatures as low as -20°F are common in winter. As the deployment was originally designed, charging was planned on route and DTA would have to adjust long-existing schedules to accommodate the new technology. Using our proprietary bus, route, and rate modeling, CTE was able to clearly identify the challenges of the deployment as proposed and recommend a better solution. The result included depot-charged buses with larger batteries and auxiliary heaters. Battery electric technology still has its shortcomings in this extreme environment, but CTE is moving the entire industry forward as we establish best practices.

front view of white electric bus
Secured $6M+ in Low-No Funding
Deployed six BEBs in -20°F operating conditions

Champaign-Urbana MTD: Sustainable Transit Solutions supported by end-to-end Smart Deployment services

CTE is working with Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) to deploy their first ten 40’ fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) and provide support in data reporting and operations.

As a strategic partner, CTE seamlessly integrates our suite of Smart Deployment Services to streamline operations. Monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports, now accessible through a dynamic dashboard, provide MTD with real-time insights for optimized fleet performance. CTE's proactive engagement extends to coordination with Trillium, the hydrogen fueling station operator, ensuring efficient fueling needs for the entire fleet.

CTE continues to offer continuous support and data reporting for MTD's existing fleet of 60' FCEBs. In 2017, CTE collaborated with MTD on the deployment of the first commercial articulated 60' FCEBs in the US, the retrofitting of the maintenance facility to accommodate hydrogen-powered vehicles, and the establishment of a fueling station featuring a 1 MW electrolyzer for on-site production. CTE's comprehensive Smart Deployment services, ranging from RFP creation to overseeing quality control inspections, played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless integration process. The project's far-reaching impact is underscored by MTD's strategic implementation of a solar array in October 2022, exemplifying the holistic sustainability solutions embedded in CTE's Smart Deployment Services.

white and blue articulated transit bus with fox photo on the side
First commercial articulated 60' FCEBs deployed in the US