CTE is the national leader in providing technical assistance for zero-emission bus (ZEB) deployments, guiding transit agencies through battery electric and fuel cell electric bus deployment projects while minimizing project risks.

CTE is experienced in managing a range of zero-emission bus projects from new bus development and demonstration projects to full fleet deployment and transition planning projects. Our portfolio includes projects made possible through the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Low-No Emission Vehicle Program, TIGGER Program, Clean Fuels Program, the National Fuel Cell Bus Program, as well as agency-funded work.

CTE has provided technical and management support or transition planning assistance to more than 100 transit agencies. Transit agencies supported by CTE’s Smart Deployment service have either deployed or will soon deploy more than 700 zero-emission buses.

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Inside of a transit bus filled with water tanks used during route testing. A transit agency staff member waits at a bus stop in a safety vest while an electric bus pulls up to the stop and lowers wheelchair ramp. two women stand with their backs to the camera wearing safety vests while working on a laptop during a route test on a transit bus
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"Since our initial deployment of ZEBs, CTE has been a valued partner throughout this incredible journey. From technical studies, bus and infrastructure design, project management, to operations monitoring and workforce development, CTE has global experience and advocacy know how to support the transportation industry’s transition to clean zero-emission technology."

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AC Transit

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Transit Project Spotlight

Spokane City Line Goes Electric

The city of Spokane, Washington, in collaboration with the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), has expanded its battery-electric bus (BEB) fleet, launching the much-anticipated City Line service on July 15, 2023. With a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, Spokane Transit Authority’s (STA) new zero-emission transit buses offer passengers a quieter, cleaner, and more comfortable ride while reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

The introduction of these BEBs not only benefits the environment but also has a positive impact on Spokane’s urban landscape. These buses offer a “streetcar-like” experience, significantly reducing congestion on the city’s streets. By promoting the use of public transportation, Spokane aims to create a more efficient and interconnected urban transit system, providing residents with a reliable and convenient alternative to private vehicles.

CTE played a pivotal role in overseeing all phases of the project, from project management to developing bus and fueling specifications. Route, rate, and charge modeling ensured the smooth integration of BEBs into Spokane’s existing public transportation system. Additionally, CTE conducted rigorous validation testing and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) assessments to guarantee the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and performance.

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"CTE has been an important partner as we look to the future of zero-emission BEBs. They have applied our specific regional characteristics like climate, topography, route distance, and passenger loads, to industry cost and performance data to help STA develop an informed fleet electrification plan."

E. Susan Meyer
Spokane Transit Authority (STA)
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