CTE Formally Endorses the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2024

May 9, 2024

We are pleased to announce CTE's formal endorsement of H.R.3935, the "FAA Reauthorization Act of 2024." This landmark legislation marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to promote sustainable transportation within the nation's aviation sector. The Act establishes a clear, long-term pathway for the adoption of zero-emission technology by prioritizing airports that develop comprehensive management plans for eligible zero-emission vehicles and equipment under the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) and Infrastructure Pilot Program. We are eager to collaborate with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to utilize this program in funding transition plans for eligible vehicles and equipment.

Furthermore, we commend the provisions in the bill that enable airports to incorporate current and future power demands into their energy assessments. By allowing the use of Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding for airside energy projects, the legislation empowers airports to proactively address their energy needs while advancing sustainability goals.

By endorsing the FAA Reauthorization Act, CTE reaffirms our commitment to enhancing sustainable aviation and pushing forward with clean technology innovations that benefit the environment, economy, and public health. This Act will be instrumental in our collaborative efforts with the FAA and various stakeholders to maximize the potential of this legislation. We are committed to assisting in the effective implementation of these transformative measures, ensuring they result in significant environmental improvements in airport operations across the country.

You can view CTE’s formal endorsement through the link provided below:

Formal Endorsement

For more details on how you can contribute to these efforts, please contact Taylor Pitel, Director - Membership & Policy.