Hydrogen Infrastructure Integration Study

November 13, 2021

Hydrogen Infrastructure Integration Study

Published: November 2021
Prepared by: The Center for Transportation and the Environment: Jason Hanlin, Cory Shumaker, and Chase Stell
Sponsored by: The U.S. Department of Energy, Southeast Alternative Fuel Deployment Partnership, DE-EE0008260


As part of the U.S. Department of Energy-funded Southeast Alternative Fuel Deployment Partnership (DE-EE0008260), the purpose of this study is to analyze and assess opportunities, costs, and benefits of using compressed natural gas (CNG) station locations in the Southeast Alternative Fuel Deployment Partnership (SEAFDP) for future hydrogen fueling infrastructure deployment. This study will examine the similarities and differences between CNG and hydrogen equipment and infrastructure, specifically as it pertains to the two Waste Management CNG locations in Birmingham, AL and Hardeeville, SC.

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