Fuel of the Future: Fuel Cell Delivery Vans to Commercialization through New Zero Emission Vehicle Project

October 11, 2018

Atlanta, GA, October 2018

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has preliminarily awarded $4,302,896 million dollars to the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) for the fuel cell hybrid electric delivery van deployment.  The Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Delivery Van Deployment Project effort is a partnership between CTE, Unique Electric Solutions (UES), the University of Texas - Center for Electromechanics (CEM), Hydrogenics, and UPS to build and deploy fifteen fuel cell hybrid electric delivery vans with a heavy focus on commercialization of the propulsion systems.  The delivery vans will be based on an initial prototype that has been designed and built by the project team under an ongoing program co-sponsored by the United States Department of Energy, California Energy Commission, and South Coast Air Quality Management District.Read more about the project in our official press release here.

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