Accelerating Zero-Emission Fleet Transitions in Municipalities

May 16, 2024

2 PM EST // 11 AM PST

Red ambulance parked next to fire truck

Presented by the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE)

As cities and towns nationwide commit to reducing carbon emissions, the electrification of municipal fleets emerges as a pivotal opportunity for sustainable transformation. However, this transition presents numerous challenges, as municipal fleets encompass many vehicle types—from small utility vehicles, sedans, and pickups to refuse haulers, construction equipment, and even fire engines. Additionally, these vehicles are often stored across multiple locations, adding complexity to the installation of necessary charging or hydrogen infrastructure.

Join us for an insightful webinar where we’ll delve into the intricacies of electrifying municipal fleets. Key topics include:

  • Pre-planning and Streamlining Utility Interconnection Processes
  • Charging Infrastructure Implementation at Depots
  • Charge Management Systems: Optimization and Integration
  • Utilizing Distributed Energy Resources in Fleet Operations
  • Ensuring Reliability in Local Hydrogen Supply


Niraj Shetty headshot

Niraj Shetty

Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy & Planning
Black & Veatch
Thomas Berton headshot

Thomas Berton

Director eMobility and Electrical Infrastructure
John Walsh headshot

John Walsh

President/Chief Commercial Officer
tim Victor headshot

Tim Victor

Associate Director, eMobility
Scale Microgrid Solutions
Hernan Henriquez headshot

Hernan Henriquez

Vice President, Sales
Leslie Eudy headshot

Leslie Eudy

Managing Consultant
CTE Moderator

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