[Webinar] Planning for Long-Term Electric School Bus Success

May 1, 2023

Planning for Long-Term Electric School Bus Success
May 18, 2023

2 PM EST // 11 AM PST

In the coming years, thousands of electric school buses (ESBs) will roll out across the US.
As school districts begin to electrify their fleets, transition planning can best position districts to make informed short- and long-term decisions and ultimately save money and resources.

The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) has partnered with World Resources Institute (WRI) to present a must-attend
for school district administrators, transportation managers, and anyone involved in the planning and implementation of ESBs and supporting infrastructure.

Included Topics:

  • Benefits of conducting an ESB transition plan
  • Example insights gained from ESB planning efforts
  • Scalable ESB infrastructure considerations
  • Other tips for approaching a long-term ESB program

Join our expert panelists from BYD, Jacobs,
Dallas ISD, and
Public Schools for a discussion on approaches to transition planning and other tips for deploying ESBs today in a manner that will support future fleet growth.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to begin a transition plan and why a plan is critical to their ESB program's long-term success.

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