A Zero-Emission Transition for the U.S. Transit Fleet

May 5, 2021

A Zero-Emission Transition for the U.S. Transit Fleet

Published: May 2021
Prepared by:
The Center for Transportation and the Environment

The United States can transition its entire transit fleet to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) by 2035, if federal support provides additional funding for vehicle and equipment procurement, technical assistance, and a comprehensive research and innovation program to accelerate transit vehicle technology development.

The following report offers a roadmap for federal lawmakers in support of this policy objective, including an accounting of estimated agency costs, key assumptions underpinning those figures, acknowledgement of limitations, and other considerations. Because the federal government has long been a primary funder of transit research, technology development, and vehicle procurement, it can uniquely accelerate transit's conversion to a 100 percent ZEV fleet.

In the Media:

Entire U.S. transit bus fleet could transition to zero emission at a cost of $56 billion to $89 billion
Mass Transit Mag - May 6, 2021

CTE's Raudebaugh Joins METROspectives to Discuss Transit Going Zero Emissions by 2035
Metro Magazine - June 25, 2021

Two senior Senate Democrats propose $73 billion to shift U.S. to EV transit buses
Reuters - May 5, 2021

CTE Analysis Finds Nationwide Zero Emissions Transition Feasible by 2035
Metro Magazine - May 5, 2021

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